Sunday, 3 October 2010

My Child Hood

Ok so im not going to be sympathetic about this, but i had a pretty shitty childhood. I lived in a little port-town called holyhead, (like the most southerly point in wales) this town was a proper shithole, there was litter and crap all over the floors, and we rarely seen sunshine. Although it was real shitty, it was proberly the best place to be in wales. Anyway, my mam (mom in welsh) used to beat the shit out of me if i done something wrong, although i really hated her at the time, i thank her now because i think it has somewhat toughened me up. I never got bullied really, if anything i used to hang around with the bullies wich was real shitty aswell. I also remember this man called "dave" that lived on my estate, he always talked to himself when people were around, and whenever he spat on the floor, he'd stamp on it and do a 360 turn. Me and my friends eventually nick-named him "Crazy Dave" after he got banned from our local news agents and he begged me on his knees to go and get him milk from the shop because he "didnt want his cat to starve". Being the nice guy i am i went and got it for him, i came out and he was gone, so i just left the milk on a bench and wandered off. When i got to my mid 12's i started drinking, my cousin got me into drinking at first, and my mother didnt really mind. However my dad was very strict, and he told me if he ever caught me drinking, smoking, or going with a boy he'd kick the shit out of me. Have you ever seen "this is england"? well its about a boy who hung out with really older boys and he got influenced to drink, be racist etc.Anyway One night all of our friends just got drunk on a average saturday, and we hit town before we sobered up. My friend tom, started gettin frustrated with his mobile phone and he threw it on the floor, a peice flew off and hit one of these women (in their mid 30's) and they started screaming at tom, calling him names and stuff. So my cousin (cain) responded to the name calling, and started calling them names back (dykes, scums, slang etc..). Then one of the girls said "Holyhead is a shithole" or something like that, that really did tick cain off, he went mad and knocked one out in one punch, and just started punching the other one till she hit the ground'. About 3 men started to sprint after cain then, and they couldent catch him. An ambulance came and everything, and my friend tom got arrested and questioned. Cain would never had got caught if he didnt phone tom while he was in the police car, they got his number etc and knocked on his door the next day. After alot of going to the court, Cain eventually got sent to a juvinile prison in Stoke Keith (England). Those were basicly the highlights of my childhood, from 12 - 20 it was kind of the same.