Saturday, 10 September 2011


Again Sorry i haven't updated in a while i'm going to try be more dedicated to this blog now, whats with those guys doing books on anonymous, lrn2conspiracy retards, especially that Cole Stryker's book "Epic Win For Anonymous" I read it, its pure shit, He even made up some stories himself, for example he made up a story about how a guy filmed himself killing kids and anonymoos saved the kids (In a short description) that never happened fucktard. Now, want of the post:

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Hey guys, sorry for taking so long... lately i have opened a youtube account where im doing a few New vegas mod reviews at the moment, message me if you want the URL. Been in Australia for 6 months now, it is fucking awesome, im starting to get an accent ;) i preferred america though, better food and stuff... blowggggggg yuh later

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sorry i haven't been on in a while...

To be honest, i was going to come on my blog and write some bullshit about me not being on this blog due to family problems, something like my mom is ill or some shit... thats what i would normally do as i am a really bad liar. But, then i realised it is my blog and not anyone elses... so i will tell the truth ;p the reason i havent been on lately is because i couldent be arsed. I'll do an update on my life soon... oh yeah, happy new years faggots.

also, gonna add in something new... product of the post:
Epic beard hat

Friday, 5 November 2010

Bonfire Night

So what did you guys do on bonfire night? my bonfire night was somewhat good and somewhat shit. Well one of my friends thought it would be funny to run through a bonfire, he ended up slipping and falling right in the middle of the fire. Then he got sent to penrhos hospital and had to have a skin graft.. on the bright side it was some funny shit watching him roll!. Also i bought some new adidas forest hills (suede trainers) and fucked them up on the first day i wore them, i got them set on fire, got them muddy & got oil on them. When i got in and went on facebook, i went on the guys profile, everyone was posting on his wall "hope your ok, see you soon" etc, I decided to be the harsh guy and posted "Just gonna stand there and watch me burn, thats alright because i like the way it hurts!". I also was trying to get some sex because i was really drunk, this pretty girl was properr hinting but i didnt have the balls to just ask her, so uno fuck it. Blawggg ya lateherrr.

Thursday, 28 October 2010


Sorry i havent been posting lately, just been on a "short holiday" with work. We went to amsterdam for an educational visit (i work for a ferry company atm). Was pretty fucking awesome, i went to the red light district just to see if it really was how people described it. There were girls that looked about 70 there, Hell i didnt give a shit i was stoned half the visit. I also learnt you go to a coffee shop in amsterdam if you want weed, if you want coffee you go to a café. I learnt that the hard way when i asked for space cakes in a café and the waitress just looked at me weird. It was really fucking awkward. But seriously, you could probaly just get high by sitting in a coffee shop with all the smoke coming from the other people. Anyway yeah that holiday was fucking great. Blogggg ya laterrrrr.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Tale Of Win #2.

Ok this story isnt about me, this is about my friend when we went to Morrisons (British Supermarket). Around here, theres always toddlers running around in the supermarket. Anyway, the reason we went to morrisons was for lunch, so we sat down waiting for our food to come. We were sitting on a four seated table, and right beside us there was a wooden arm-rest sort of thing, and beside the arm rest was another table, so you were practicly sitting next to another person. Anyway, this woman sat next to me with like a 5 year old toddler. I put my arm on the arm rest, and i felt a little pinch, i looked and my thumb was bleeding. The little shit bit me, i had a really shit day that day, thats why my friend was taking me for lunch. So, remembering something from a Sexual Education class i had when i was little, i made myself go wide-eyed, like i just snorted a pound of cocaine. I started saying "oh shit", putting on a real sad look on my face and then my friend (me) picked up on what i was doing straight away and started saying stuff like "oh no, god bless that child". His mother than started asking what was going on, and i told her that i got my test results back today, and i was HIV positive, i also said "You should get your son tested". Her eyes started wartering, and she never waited for her food, she just grabbed her son and went straight away. I didnt acctualy have HIV.... but i totally screwed that kid over.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Tale Of Win.

Ok today the funniest thing happened, i got on a train and a man, being a prick with his 3 kids sat next to my on a 4 seater with a table, even though there were loads of other free seats. He then spilt coke all over my laptop, he didnt even say sorry. Then i said what the fuck, not even in an aggresive way. He then shouted "dont swear infront of my children!" so then i said "well if you never spilt FUCKING coke on me, then i wouldent be FUCKING swearing would i?". The man then started pulling his children along saying "your a disgrace.. etc" so then i realised that his daughter was holding a copy of harry potter and the half blood prince, i then shouted "DUMBLEDORE DIES ON PAGE 606". She immediatly bursted out in tears, a moment later her brother then did. It was fucking worth the £600 laptop getting fucked up. Totally made my day.