Saturday, 10 September 2011


Again Sorry i haven't updated in a while i'm going to try be more dedicated to this blog now, whats with those guys doing books on anonymous, lrn2conspiracy retards, especially that Cole Stryker's book "Epic Win For Anonymous" I read it, its pure shit, He even made up some stories himself, for example he made up a story about how a guy filmed himself killing kids and anonymoos saved the kids (In a short description) that never happened fucktard. Now, want of the post:

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Hey guys, sorry for taking so long... lately i have opened a youtube account where im doing a few New vegas mod reviews at the moment, message me if you want the URL. Been in Australia for 6 months now, it is fucking awesome, im starting to get an accent ;) i preferred america though, better food and stuff... blowggggggg yuh later

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sorry i haven't been on in a while...

To be honest, i was going to come on my blog and write some bullshit about me not being on this blog due to family problems, something like my mom is ill or some shit... thats what i would normally do as i am a really bad liar. But, then i realised it is my blog and not anyone elses... so i will tell the truth ;p the reason i havent been on lately is because i couldent be arsed. I'll do an update on my life soon... oh yeah, happy new years faggots.

also, gonna add in something new... product of the post:
Epic beard hat